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Author: Dan Blomberg & Rex Coggins | Last updated July 19th, 2014 at pm These days many of Garmin’s new GPS receivers contain built in maps, from the nuvi series with road maps to the Colorado and Oregon with topos.

These receivers can still have maps loaded to them though in addition to the maps that already exist.

I've just downloaded the Central America map from there, copied it to a "Garmin" folder on the micro-sd card on my Nuvi 265w, searched for "Belize" (via Where To / Cities / Spell) and got a map of Belize City.

The mapping's a bit incomplete, but that's because the data isn't in OSM yet.

Where did you download the map from, and what exactly was the download link?

OSM doesn't make ISO images available, so either you downloaded the file from somewhere else (and would have to ask them why the file is broken), or maybe your system thinks that the file is an ISO image when in fact it isn't.

When loading maps onto your GPS Garmin Base Camp is the preferred program.

It sounds like you are trying to double-click, or otherwise open, an file intended for a Garmin GPS. Double-clicking tells your computer to "find the program that will understand files, and open this with it".

But this file is not meant for a program on your computer. Assuming you have an SD card installed in the card socket for your Garmin, simply do this: I registered here just to say thank you Richard, you are awesome.

You can compare your settings to the latest ones listed on Garmin's Web site.

The map updates are available in either a hard copy disc format or as an online download.