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But there are things that researchers and scientists might wish to 'see' that fall below (ultraviolet) or above (infrared) this 'visible' portion of the spectrum.

If you were a bumblebee, you could see into the UV range; a rattlesnake, you could see into the infrared range.

We had to do it in several stages due to its awkward shape and size.

After that Mart and me spent the weekend lugging our Christmas decoration to the bin.

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In Canada I get my inert canisters for practice from Kodiak Wildlife Products.Less food to go round equals less food getting chucked equals less decent throwaway. I’ve been interviewing a few locals this week to see what they think about the whole austerity thing.One of them told me to get down to Jubilee Square, so I did, and this is what I found.Keep in mind that these are explosives and have also been known to start forest fires...Also, just make sure to make lots of noise going down trails so animals know you're coming. A friend of mine got lucky a while ago and nearly collided with a bear at high speed.