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Some of the ways critics think Apple will launch forward will be with upgrades and changes to the i Mac, Mac mini, and Mac Pro, as well as a predicted virtual reality surprise from Apple in 2017.

Nevertheless, Apple was mentioned in the top 10 trends to watch for in 2017, and their prediction for Apple is that the release of the i Phone 8 could revive the company’s financial figures, according to .

Naturally, Apple stock investors are on pins and needles at the beginning of 2017 because the next earnings announcement is expected on Jan 24, 2017.

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Apple has been having a problem with profits as of late, despite the success of Apple Watch and Apple TV, and many predict in 2017 that Mac will lose its business prowess because the company now lacks the unique leadership of Steve Jobs.By the subject’s own account, he got interested in computers as a teenager and, by virtue of living in northern California, gained access to companies like Hewlett-Packard and Atari, where he was able to meet like-minded young people and deepen his fascination with professional experience.But even here, there were signs that behind his energetic, idealistic exterior, Jobs the man could be “ruthless, deceitful and cruel,” to use Gibney’s words. I like to believe the accumulated wisdom doesn't just disappear when you die, but somehow it endures.But maybe it's just like an on/off switch and click—and you're gone.