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"You must listen to me," she says sternly, sprinting lithely across the scuffed, wooden floor of the run-down Atlanta martial arts centre.

And don't forget fingers," the crisp, heavily-accented voice calls from the back of the gym.

Time, however, has not been kind to Korbut, now 46.

Last year, her possessions were pitched on to the street in front of the elegant, white columned mansion in Atlanta, Georgia, which she owned with her former husband, after baliffs ransacked it seeking redress for the unpaid mortgage.

At once the class of 10-year-old girls turn obediently towards their teacher.

As she pushes up the sleeves of her shabby black and white striped sweater, she tells them they must not be so lazy, that they must devote more hours to practice, as she did when a little girl in her native Russia.

Despite her apparent passive nature, Kayano is an empathic and strong-willed person who can be extremely determined to the things that interest her or cares about, such as her love for sweets, and more tragically, her sister's fate.

She also experiences a severe complex when it comes to her sex appeal, loudly voicing her discomfort when being around large breasted women.

She is one of Nagisa Shiota's best friends and is, by her own admittance, currently in love with him. She has a little frame, hazel eyes, and light green hair which is always fashioned in unique, cat ear-styled pigtails.The naive Xander thinks it'll be a relaxing way to help out a neighbor, but he wasn't expecting Ella to practice her strokes on his cock, too!This sexy masseuse wants him to be FULLY satisfied, and she's eager to suck, rub and learn. Everything is backed up at ZZ hospital when patient Mary Jean arrives to be kept overnight for observation. Sins has no choice but to triage Mary in the hallway.After seven years since graduating from middle school, she went back to her original hairstyle prior to joining Class 3-E. Kayano is one of the most cheerful, kind, and passive members of the class.She frequently acts as support in assassination attempts with her ability to assess the situation and adapt herself to them.