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To be fair, I never had a conversation with a group of guys who said anything like, “I could never date her.She’s just too smart, industrious and upwardly mobile.” Instead, we said things like, “She’s too intimidating” or “She’s too into her career” to explain our aversion. Most men are happy to be with a woman who is exceptionally beautiful, even if her beauty overshadows his attractiveness. But when it comes to a woman whose successes outpace those of the men around her, her prospects seem to shrink.All three of us majored in the sciences with intentions to become doctors, but we all dropped that in favor for eventually starting our own businesses.One would open a restaurant, the other would start a consulting firm, and I would write.

First, we’re not talking about a man who’s simply not attracted to a woman, and she just happens to be successful.

Many of the dates he ended going on resulted in getting some type of action.

Sometimes I wondered if he exaggerated his success, but looking back I believe he actually underplayed it to not hurt my feelings.

We went out to a nearby bar that had about two guys for every girl.

I immediately noticed my friend getting extended eye contact from women.