Dominant woman and transexual

It seems to be a very odd mix; as far as I can tell, I may be the only person who has both; and I tend toward both quite strongly.

With 20/20 hindsight, I can trace both elements back to at least puberty; the AGP back even further.

Aren’t the differences between men and women just a result of culture and socialization?

Isn’t the idea of “female brains” and “male brains” deeply sexist and the root of oppression?

In other words, referring to someone as “cisgender” simply means that they have not had a transgender experience.

Trans women’s realities Trans women differ greatly from one another.

Fabbre hears a lot of stories like that from transgender men.As you might appreciate, it leaves me feeling a little left out amongst fellow compatriots.I have never had a single submissive AGP fantasy, and there is little that interests me less than even mild themes of forced feminization!I do see an opportunity for acceptance of all people as they are, not how society expects them to be.Transgender theory stops that opportunity dead in its tracks by forcing males and females back into their supposed boxes based on nothing more than subjective self-identification with sex stereotypes that hold us all back, especially girls and women.