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star sparked speculation that she had reunited with her ex-boyfriend after posting several photos of the couple together on Instagram, including a snap of them kissing during Hugh's 30th birthday weekend.CLICK TO VIEW GALLERY Millie and Hugo briefly dating in 2011 As Millie's ex-husband, Professor Green, was also attending to festival, Hugo spoke about the possibility of bumping into him, saying: "It's a festival [it could happen].That means the Season 21 star has been out in the world for some time now, and plenty could have happened since then.For instance, we have to know, is he still with his final pick? I won't be able to give you much more detail about that other than you'll have to watch and see how that played out and what it all meant,” Nick teased in an interview at the start of the season.But I don't know." The couple were granted a quickie divorce back in May after announcing their split three months earlier.

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2017 journey is just coming to an end on-screen, but in real time, he finished filming back in mid-November.

One of the things I see in a lot of you is this burning desire to live a life of passion and excitement and abundance.

And an unlimited supply of chocolate that doesn’t go straight to your ass! I want to throw caution to the wind and pound some bongo drums and write a NY Times Bestseller. The thrilling part of seeking that passion in your own life is that it serves up sexy questions: What is your mission in life?

"We currently live together," Cameron — with his girlfriend by his side — confirmed during MTV's weekly recap show "Talk of Shame" (you can watch the interview in its entirety below).

WE LOVE AN But before Mikameron decided to reside under the same roof, the duo visited each other on opposite coasts to make sure this lifestyle change was the right decision for both of them.