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), is a city (population 340,141 in 2016) in Belarus at the border with Poland opposite the Polish city of Terespol, where the Bug and Mukhavets rivers meet. The city of Brest is a historic site of many cultures.

Half way through, it's 138 mins long, I halt it for a cup of tea and said out loud, Hey a real film, no bloody CIC,no American crap heroics,and boy I am looking forward to seeing the rest.

In my tea break I find that this fantastic heartbreaking true war film did not even get a UK cinema release. All the performances are stunning, the film looks great on the wide print.

The Artist and City 2017 project will feature a constellation of talented artists.

The exposition named The Golden Collection of the Belarusian Fine Art which will traditionally adorn the Yakub Kolas Square in Minsk for four months will showcase the best works of 35 renowned artists representing various generations and artistic genres.