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He told me about a gathering for friends and family. Photographs and shared memories wallpapered each room and cards with her favorite sayings were interspersed amongst the images. Another man sat in the corner with aviators over his eyes, rolling his head while he tossed one beer after another down his throat.

" Before he finished his sentence, I thought, "She killed herself." He confirmed what I feared. The words "what and why" played on a loop in my head. I made sure he heard me when I told him that I loved him and hung up the phone. Did this mean I did not have permission to grieve her passing? After landing, I went straight to a celebration of her life. One man spoke too loudly, as though the grief took away his ability to control his own volume.

But Welling’s job was made infinitely harder by the fact that it was also his first of that magnitude.

And in my ideal career, I’d love to continue to work on a show that is 13 episodes-a-season, is somewhat off-color and pushes boundaries, and then do theater and film the rest of the year. It’s easier, believe it or not, when he’s in the dog suit, because it doesn’t feel as strange to scratch a man behind his fake dogs ears than it does to scratch a man behind his real ears.

So when this opportunity came along to have a recurring role on a very edgy, very smart cable show, it was exactly what I had seen for myself. TVLINE have some baggage with Wilfred’s owner Jenna (Fiona Gubelmann). But the great thing about the Ryan character that Elijah plays so well is his endless innocence and optimism. And you know what, I did 10 years of pretending little green tennis balls were monsters coming at me [on Her inclination to “have sex with whomever is in the men’s room” aside, is Amanda’s quirky demeanor closer to your own than Chloe’s ever was? I mean, Amanda and Chloe are similar in that they’re both very smart, which I like.

Kreuk has been very active since Smallville's end.

Continuing her relationship with The CW, she's been starring on her own TV show Beauty and the Beast since 2012. Kreuk has been very active since Smallville's end.